We provide students, adult learners and families with information and support on issues related to active participation in educational goals. This covers information about schools, education intuitions, community resources, family resources and language training

We connect the Afro Colombian and marginalized students, families, and communities to partner and or complete educational goals to ensure educational needs are addressed and enough assistance and support is provided to complete their individual educational goals. To provide a platform to discuss systemic discrimination that historically excluded Afro- Colombian and marginalized people from accessible education.


We provide 1 to 1 job search coaching, pre-employment workshops, resume writing and interview practices with a specialist who understands Afro-Colombian and marginalized people’s economic needs and the systemic barriers preventing them from entering the labour market.


We strive to bring good health to Afro-Colombians, undocumented immigrants, LGBTQIA+, people with mental health issues, persons with disabilities, sex workers, drug users, people involved in sex trafficking, and anyone who receives substandard or no care because of who they are.


We look to instill a sense of pride within the Afro-Colombian people based on the dignification of their cultural heritage and assist them to grow cultural awareness through music, art, performing art, dance, speech, historical language courses and the development of a cultural library to document their past, current and future history.


We offer popular programs like athletics, exercise classes, camps, and more. The foundation is focused on supporting healthy lifestyles of our Afro-Colombian diaspora and marginalized groups. We try to meet the needs of underserved youth, adults and seniors through unique programs and partnerships.

our programs

With this program, active-living and healthy lifestyle choices are taught to seniors to ensure better health. Through weekly alternative programs such as: Yoga, Tai Chi, historical dance and exercise programs. We will support seniors to live their best active life.

This project responds to the needs of the youth in the community, particularly Afro-young women and youth leaders, by building capacities in media, journalism, radio production, advocacy skills, audiovisual techniques, and regional networking. As an example, Youth may participate in training or courses at local or regional universities or with other agencies relevant to the program. This includes developing training, workshop facilitation, program development, institutional development, and hands on experience to successfully represent the voices of the Afro-communities and bring awareness of local issues to global conversations in relation to the Afro youth.

This bike donation program in Sucre targets school ages students between the ages of 8 to 12. The objective is to provide an alternative to long walks to and from school, to reduce energy consumption, traffic congestion, and noise and air pollution. We encourage safe and sustainable transportation and a bike-friendly community in order to facilitate logical biking to school destinations and to encourage physical fitness. This will enhance the overall quality of life for residents and contribute to a greener community.

This pre-employment program helps participants to access their skills, write resumes, prepare for interviews in English or Spanish and aid job search. Explain their employment rights! We provide 1 to 1 job search coaching, follow-up and help with personalized job search action plan and tips on dress for success, and discussion groups to help Afro participate find and secure long-term employment.

This project is meant to help at-risk youth living in Chambacú and its surroundings areas to acquire sufficient English language skills in order to get jobs in the tourism sector, provide social support, counselling and referral. We offer sports and recreational programs, health and addiction counselling and access to daily living resources.

Brought to life to address food security issues within various communities. This consists of a community organic garden that includes composting and recycling. The main purpose is to develop a beautiful and nurturing space where individuals, families and groups may grow nutritious, organic vegetables and fruit for themselves and for the community. The main goals and objectives are:

  • To improve food security for those in need by providing garden beds for individuals, families, or groups to “adopt” on a yearly basis.
  • To provide opportunities for positive social interaction and recreation in a non-threatening atmosphere where individuals of all ages and backgrounds may interact in a healthy pursuit.

A program in partnership with local organizations to provide mobile service to at-risk homeless people. We connect them to resources in the community to make positive choices for them to live a full and healthy life with justice and dignity.

The English and French and computer program introduces Afro and other students attending public school an opportunity to participate in inclusive and accessible educational programs. This program is offered for free to people of ages 7+ in various communities in Cartagena. The main goal is to help low income and disadvantaged Afro-Colombian and other communities to learn English/French and computers skills to enable them to interact with different communities, increasing their abilities to get better jobs and or pursue higher education.

This program aims to develop community leaders’ ability to drive innovation in their community and to create a pool of leaders working and supporting each other to create sustainable economic development programs in their communities.

Designed to address the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community and their families in a safe, positive and inclusive environment to address any issues that arise in their day to day lives. Clients can get information, problem-solving, and advocacy support and much more. Our goal is to provide anti-homophobia training to businesses, schools, and communities, spreading awareness on how to better engage and serve the LGBTQIA+.

Education and counseling for pregnant and parenting Afro-women and men ages 15 to 30 in Cartagena and surrounding region; through various counseling and youth centered programs, new parents are able to make positive decisions for themselves and their child. They will be connected to community resources, help completing their education, attend parenting classes and are even provided with tangible supplies to help them with their parenting journey.

An educational platform to discuss and educate about the economic challenges faced by the Afro-Colombian community in the post-slavery era. We advocate and address for change in systemic structures that exclude the Afro community, providing a platform to speak openly about discrimination, exclusion, invisibility, colourism, harassment and other oppression that dehumanize the Afro people. This project aims to help change the assumption around servitude and the long-term stigma associated with the domestic worker and their children.

This is a work placement program with possible partnership with the Ministry of Education for public high school students. Inclusive education needs to transcend the traditional approach that exclude and open a process where students have direct access to basic education and educational opportunities that prepare them to meet the demands of the workforce.