How to get any job

Getting a new job or position inside an organization can be an exhausting task. You may have sent many resumes and CVs with no results. The excellent news job or volunteer search does not have to be tough. Keep reading to know the essentials to details to help you in your inquiry.

This article’s suggestions are the first-hand experience of our recruiter and business owner, Yoland Charles, FAAC director. Understanding a recruiter’s expectations will maximize your possibilities and you may be able to secure a position with any company.

Let’s start with the mistakes you must avoid:

  1. Applicants do not read the post or the requirement listed within the job description.
  2. Sending a WhatsApp message without your name or the reason for your message.
  3. Showing an unprofessional approach when contacting the employers.
  4. Not following up promptly when instructed to do so with job/ volunteering requirements.
  5.  Expecting the employer to answer what you can do for them as volunteers or job seekers, or interns within the company or foundation.

The best way to start your application is by carefully reading the advertisement or job description and understanding the process expected to form any potential applicant.  There have been cases where candidates do not take the process seriously and do not come prepared to showcase their skills, education, and expertise.  Their first impression is failing them. As a result, they are not able to get a second interview.

When you make a cold call to get information from an organization, one needs to have specific questions to ask the employer. Then use the information you gain from their websites, Facebook pages, or social media platforms to show your knowledge about the potential employer. Use this information when addressing a potential employer.

The approach to get a volunteer job is a practice to getting full-time employment. It would be best to search for a volunteer position with the same seriousness and professionalism as a full-time job. You never know who will be your future employer!

In the last month, the Afro-Colombian Centre Foundation received 25 inquiries regarding our post for volunteers. The most frequent mistakes were not following the procedure outlined, not giving a specific deadline for submitting CV or documentation, and not being prepared for follow-up. Or not knowing what you wanted to do at the foundation. When you are unsure what you can do, it is best to make a proposal and let the employer review the options, rather than asking them to give you suggestions on how you may use your education and skills within their businesses. Employers are too busy to spend time helping you determine your interest.

The first impression is a critical factor in getting an interview. Employers would not hire an applicant who lacks professionalism or readiness. Your first contact with a potential employer should reflect the mission and vision of the organization. Be more prepared, and you might get a call back for an interview or a job!

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