How to become a volunteer?

The Afro-Colombian Centre is a startup community-based organization in Cartagena, Colombia serving the Afro-Colombia community and other marginalized groups living in economically distressed areas. We are always open to new volunteers who want to make a change in society. Here are the steps to become a volunteer with us.

  1. Discover how you want to help.
  2. Send a functional or skill-based CV with a cover letter.
    • The Cover letter should list the position you are interested in, skills, background experiences, and your reason for volunteering.
    • Teachers need to submit an audio reading of the cover letter in the language they want to teach.
    • Admin volunteers need to submit a sample copy of a letter of introduction of the Afro-Colombian Centre to another foundation.
  3. Send the documents and samples to the director at
  4. Participate in an interview (may have to do more than one interview depending on the position)
  5. Start training and meet the requirement of the position as assigned by the director or trainer.

Do not miss this amazing opportunity to join our team and make a difference in your life and community. We need your help and support to make a change. We can’t do it without you! Call us today and become a change maker VOLUNTEER!

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